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Client Matter Conference - A Conference Calling Solution for
Law Firms, Attorneys, and Court Reporters

Built on a fiberoptic infrastructure and powered by reliable, high performance
telecommunications networks, Client Matter Conference is an audio and web conferencing
solution designed for law firms.

We understand that you need more than a virtual conference room; you need specific tools
and the ability to accurately bill your clients for all billable hours, including time spent in
conference calls. Privacy and confidentiality are also of utmost importance as are ease of
use, audio and webcast recordings, secure document storage, and affordability. Client Matter
Conference has all of your needs covered!

Audio Conferencing Features at a Glance

We’re confident that you’re going to love our attorney conference calling service. Not only
will it save your law firm time and money, it’s loaded with features such as:

•  Reliable fiberoptic telecommunications network for the best call quality

•  Competitive toll free rates

•  Pay-as-you-go pricing model with no contracts, no monthly charges, and no extra fees of
any kind

•  Free account setup; we will import your existing conference rooms

•  Free wallet card with conference room information

•  Free training via web conference

•  Conference room size up to 400+ attendees

•  24-hour support via a toll free phone number

•  Reservation-less system including last minute reservations

•  No cost for recordings

•  Support for recurring conference calls

•  Sub-conferencing

•  Free self-serve MP3 downloads of recordings

•  Various conferencing modes including lecture and listen-only sessions

•  Secured conferencing options such as pass-code security and entry and exit

•  Keypad commands

•  Web-based commands via our Live Conference Viewer

•  Roll call and auto attendance reports

Web Conferencing Features at a Glance

Unlike other web conferencing services where you must download and install client software,
Client Matter Conference’s web conferencing uses the latest web-based technology.

No software downloads or plugins required

•  Unlimited web and voice recordings

•  Private and public content libraries for your content

•  Easily share your screen, Flash videos, PowerPoint presentations, MP3 audio files, and still
photos or use our whiteboard to visually convey ideas.

•  SSL security

•  Web conference lock and unlock tools

•  Our audio conferencing and web conferencing tools work well together or independently,
providing you with flexible options. For example, if you’re hosting an attorney conference call and
would like to launch a simultaneous web conference, you can initiate the web conference from
within the Client Matter Conference dashboard.

Learn more about our web conferencing service… see web conferencing
Conference Calling Solution for Law Firms, Attorneys, and Court Reporters
Client Matter Conference
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