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Using Attorney Conference Calls or Web
Conferences to Prescreen Expert Witnesses

Bringing in the right expert witnesses can make a huge difference in your cases. However, the
right ones may not be local. When this is the case, you have a few choices as far as
determining whether or not they are a good fit:

•  Traveling to the expert witness's location
•  Flying the expert witness to your location
•  Hosting an attorney conference call with the expert witness
•  Hosting a web conference with the expert witness

They all have their advantages and disadvantages as discussed below.

Traveling to the expert witness's location
This requires you to devote many hours, if not days, out of your schedule to getting there and
back. If the witness is two hours away, that's a minimum of four hours' round trip. If you
must travel further, you may need to book a flight, rental car, and a hotel, all of which involve
hassles and costs of their own. While you could catch up on your reading or work on case
strategy while in the air, your time could be better spent in a less restrictive environment. If
you have co-counsel or a partner who needs to weigh in, they may want to accompany you,
further adding costs to the interview.

Flying the expert witness to your location
Assuming the expert is willing to travel to you, this would be preferable to you personally
traveling. However, it adds costs such as airfare and lodging. Though you'll likely pass the
costs on to your clients, it's something to consider carefully. Even then, professional
etiquette and protocol could also mean dedicating additional resources to ensure the expert
witness feels welcomed during his or her stay.

Hosting an attorney conference call with the expert witness
Hosting an attorney conference call eliminates travel, and it allows you and other interested
parties to interact with the expert witness in real time. Though it's not face-to-face, you can
get a good sense of the expert's knowledge and credibility through these verbal interactions.
From a prescreening standpoint, you would have a better idea about whether or not to
include this expert in your case strategy.

Hosting a web conference with the expert witness
Hosting a web conference has similar advantages to attorney conference calls. However, it
adds visuals and screen and file sharing to the mix. For example, if you want to see what the
expert has to say after viewing a video, you could share your screen in a web conference, play
the video, and go from there.

Audio and web conferences for attorneys who want to prescreen expert witnesses allow you
to get the information and feedback you need to make a decision at the lost cost both in
terms of time and money. Plus, you can record your attorney conference calls and web
conferences, using the recordings later in the process to plan your next move.

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