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Using Attorney Conference Calls for Pre-Trial Issues

You’re preparing for a trial, working long hours and juggling all of the other responsibilities of
work and family life. While you have a plan, we all know that issues arise, demanding your
attention. Pre-trial issues need to be dealt with, but you’re stretched thin as it is.

As the saying goes, you need to work smarter, not harder. Using attorney conference calls to iron
out pre-trial issues is one smart move. Here are just a few examples of how using conference
calls and/or web conferences can help you save time and accomplish more before the trial.

Attorney conference calls bring everyone together despite geographic challenges. Perhaps new
evidence has been discovered or there’s a possibility that the case could be settled, but getting
all of the parties together for a face-to-face meeting isn’t easy. Some participants may be out of
town while others are just plain busy. It’s difficult to gather everyone together in a physical
conference room, but much easier for everyone to dial into an audio conference.

Attorney conference calls can save time. When preparing for a trial, time is at a premium. The
time it takes to travel back and forth to meet with investigators, associates, witnesses, other
attorneys, clients, and other parties could be better spent. With an attorney conference call, you
can meet in an audio conference room and eliminate all the extra time spent commuting and

You could hold “bite-size” conference calls to stay on top of potential pre-trial issues. Many pre-
trial issues can be mitigated or prevented completely - if you’re made aware of them in time.
Holding regular “bite sized” conference calls with your team for updates allows you to stay
informed and proactive.

Web conferences allow for screen and file sharing. Need to share and discuss new evidence
such as surveillance video or photos with your team before the trial? With our audio and web
conferencing service for attorneys, you could easily share your screen and present videos,
slideshows, photos, files, or even your legal presentation software with your team at once.

Audio and web conferences are a good way to evaluate potential expert witnesses before the
trial. Want to make sure your expert witnesses can communicate effectively, even under
pressure? Use attorney conference calls or web conferences as a prescreening tool. You could
even record the conference and then use a focus group to help you determine how the jury might
perceive the witness’s credibility and testimony.

Preparing for a trial is grueling work, and your clients are counting on you. You need every
advantage and every spare minute you can possibly get. Attorney conference calls can play an
important role before your case goes to trial. Our pay-as-you-go plan is the perfect choice. It’s
loaded with features, built for attorneys, and easy to use. There’s virtually no learning curve so
you can get up and running in no time. Sign up for an account today and find out why law firms
love our service.
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