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Using Attorney Conference Calls for Investigations

Need a fast and convenient way to collaborate with your investigative team? Holding
attorney conference calls is it. For example, by hosting your own attorney conference calls
with your investigators, you’ll:

•  Save time communicating the investigator’s discoveries

•  Be able to record the conference call and have the recording transcribed if desired

•  Be able to receive the information while it’s fresh

There are several situations where using attorney conference calls with investigators makes

•  Prescreening investigators - Whether you have staff investigators or use private
investigators, your firm may be constantly on the lookout for licensed investigators to assist
with your cases. If you have several attorneys in your office who need to be involved in the
selection process, conference calls are an affordable, time-efficient way to prescreen
potential investigators.

•  Working with out-of-state investigators - Audio conferencing is essential when working
with out-of-state investigators. Depending on the nature of your case, you may have several
investigators scattered across the United States gathering information. Bringing the entire
team together in attorney conference calls allows you to get the big picture overview while
also facilitating the sharing of information that could be useful amongst the team.

•  Gathering information before the formal investigative report has been submitted - While
your investigator will still need to prepare and deliver his or her report, holding a quick
conference call with you, the investigator, co-counsel, and any other partners or associates
involved in the case is a great way to communicate. It could take days before the
investigator’s report arrives on your desk, but a quick group audio call ensures that your team
gets a prompt overview.

•  Communicating and building rapport with your investigative team - Has your firm adopted
new technology or implemented a new process that affects your vendors and investigators?
Bring everyone together in a group audio call to discuss the new changes, build relationships,
and stay connected.

Attorney conference calls with investigators can take place on the fly or be prescheduled.
You can even add participants to your current conference call as needed.

For example, as the investigator relays new information, you may realize that your partner
needs to hear it. Using the moderator dial-out function of our attorney conferencing service
is the perfect solution. Simply dial your partner and join him or her to your conference call in

As with any conference call, attorney conference calls need good audio clarity. They should
be easy to initiate and use. They should be secure and affordable. Our attorney conferencing
service delivers on all fronts - and more. We use modern telecommunications carriers, fiber
optic networks, and conferencing bridges for the best sound quality and service reliability

Our service is purpose built for attorney conference calls, and this includes value-added
features such as security, client billing code fields, and unlimited MP3 recordings. There’s no
contract, either. You can host as many or as few attorney conference calls as you need and
simply pay for usage.

We’re proud of Client Matter Conference’s attorney conferencing service. Give us a try and
find out why law firms love us.
Using Attorney Conference Calls for Investigations
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