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Client Matter Conference vs. Infinite Conferencing Legal
Infinite Conferencing, legal teleconference service, is offered by OnStream Media, a company
offering a suite of communications products for webinars, webcasts, audio conferences, web
conferences, virtual events, and live streaming video presentations.

OnStream Media’s Infinite Conferencing legal conferencing plan, can certainly be used for
hosting a court conference call, legal assistant conference call, and legal hearings. However,
you may want to consider using a service designed specifically for making attorney conference
calls such as Client Matter Conference rather than a general purpose audio conferencing plan
such as Infinite Conferencing.

Legal conference calls pose a greater burden on the host than traditional business conference
calls. The expectation of privacy is high for both but must be assured through the strictest of
security protocols when legal hearings are involved. Here at Client Matter Conference, we
understand the unique needs and concerns of the legal profession. So much so, in fact, that we
built our service specifically for attorneys. For us, legal hearings via conference calls are not an
afterthought; they are not one of many applications for our audio and web conferencing
services; they are our reason for being.

Client Matter Conference and Infinite Conferencing legal conference calling services share many
of the same features and benefits. For example, both companies offer low per minute toll free
rates and pay-as-you-go audio conferencing. However, Infinite Conferencing charges a large per
minute premium, about five times more, if you want operator assistance. Here at Client Matter
Conference, you can use our reservationless or operator-assisted audio conferencing services
without worrying about surcharges.

With Client Matter Conference, everything you need to host a secure court conference call is at
your fingertips. Our user-friendly customer portal allows you to instantly create conference
rooms for your audio or web conference. Whether you need to host a legal assistant conference
call right away or at some point in the future, doing so is a simple matter of point and click.

Since Client Matter Conference is designed with the legal profession’s needs in mind, you can
also track each of your legal teleconference calls by entering client matter billing codes when
setting up your conference calls. Each month, we’ll automatically generate a report detailing
your activities and billable hours. In fact, many of our clients download these reports directly
into Microsoft Excel, converting their associated costs into billable hours charged to their
clients. Our legal teleconference service can actually become a profit center for law firms, and
our reports make it easy to track, convert, and bill for every minute of your time spent in audio
and web conferences.

Where we include a web conferencing component as part of our pay-as-you-go legal
teleconference service, Infinite Conferencing Legal’s web conferencing plans are more
complicated. The company does have a free web conferencing plan, but it’s only for 3
participants and the access number is not toll free.

The next plan up will cost you $19 per month, and it, too, has limits. In fact, the maximum
number of participants you can have is just 25 on this plan. To engage with up to 300
participants with Infinite Conferencing Legal’s web conferencing plan, expect to pay about $150
per month.

In contrast, Client Matter Conference offers its advanced web conferencing tools to attorneys,
court reporters, legal assistants, and other legal professionals on a pay-as-you-go basis. There
are absolutely no contracts and no monthly fees. There’s no software to download, no training
sessions to attend, and no learning curve. Simply activate your account once and then use our
legal teleconference service to host your own legal hearings and court conference calls on an
as-needed basis.

Both our web conferencing service and Infinite Conferencing Legal’s web conferencing service
are completely cloud-based. There’s no software to download and configure, both for you and
for attendees. With Infinite Conferencing, legal audio is routed via VoIP, a technology whose
sound quality leaves something to be desired. With Client Matter Conference, participants dial
into the web conference via our integrated audio conferencing bridge which uses PSTN fiber
optic telecommunication networks for the best audio quality available.

Infinite Conferencing appeals to a much broader customer base than we do. While it serves the
legal industry, its focus extends across many other industries such as healthcare, sales and
marketing, education, government, nonprofit, and market research. Infinite Conferencing’s tools
are indeed useful to attorneys, just as they are to other business professionals. We’ve opted to
focus solely on the conferencing needs of the legal industry.

Our market research, clients, internal and external consultants, and extensive discussions with
attorneys have guided our product development strategy, resulting in an audio and web
conferencing solution that lawyers love for legal hearings, client meetings, and attorney
collaboration calls.

Client Matter Conference and Infinite Conferencing legal audio and web conferencing services
are both good choices for lawyers. However, we feel our service is the absolute best choice
because it is purpose built for the legal profession, includes advanced features and superior
security built-in, and is available on a no-contract, pay-as-you-go basis. Our rates are highly
competitive, and our service is easy to use. Using the best audio technology on the planet also
means that our technology is reliable - and it gets out of the way so that you can focus on legal
hearings, winning your case, or negotiating a favorable deal for your clients.

With Client Matter Conference, there are no surprise charges or monthly fees. We even offer
unlimited web and voice recordings. Our self-service portal is user-friendly, allowing you to create
and configure your own conference rooms on the fly. Where Infinite Conference charges extra
for operator assistance, our live operators are ready to step in and help if needed.

However, you’ll find that hosting and managing legal teleconferences using the customer portal
is fast and easy.
Here at Client Matter Conference, everything we do is focused on helping attorneys conduct high
quality, secure legal hearings and teleconferences with their clients, partners, colleagues, and
court authorities in the most efficient and affordable manner possible. Law firms love us for
these reasons and many more.
Infinite Conferencing, legal teleconference service
Infinite Conferencing, legal teleconference service versus ClientMatterConference
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