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Hosting Immigration Attorney Conference Calls

Did you know that you can set up both ad hoc and recurring
immigration attorney conference calls?

Below are a few ideas of how you can put attorney conference calls to good use in your law

•  Host informative immigration attorney conference calls each week. Conference calls are a
good way to share your expertise with a wide audience, helping the general public and
generating good will with prospective clients.

For example, you could schedule a standing group audio call scheduled for every third
Saturday of the month where you field questions about immigration law. This would be
incredibly helpful for people facing immigration challenges.

For some, your expert advice or opinion may be enough to guide them forward. Meanwhile,
others may realize that they do, in fact, need an immigration attorney to help them navigate
their way through the system.

Having already assisted and shown your compassion and expertise, there’s a good chance
that some attendees will become clients.

•  Host immigration attorney conference calls with clients and other parties remotely. While
it’s ideal to meet with your clients and other parties face-to-face, it’s not always practical
due to geography and unforeseen circumstances. Rather than postponing a meeting until
everyone can gather together in your law office, hold an immigration attorney conference
call. Everyone simply dials an access number, enters the conference PIN number, and begins
communicating in a private, secure audio conference.

•  Host a web conference. Another useful option is to host immigration law web conferences.
Again, you can use web conferences for informational and client prospecting purposes or to
communicate directly with your clients. Web conferences allow you to add visuals to the
conference. For example, you could show a slideshow, share your computer screen, show
videos, talk via webcam, or even share files from your digital content library.

Recording Immigration Attorney Conference Calls

Whether hosting an audio or web conference, consider recording it. This is especially helpful
if you use immigration attorney conference calls to answer questions about immigration
law. By recording your audio and web conferences, you can slowly build a content library
that prospective clients can browse at their leisure.

To ensure that your recordings and webinars are unique, consider addressing a different topic
or theme with each immigration attorney conference call you host. For example, you might
discuss green cards in the first call followed by student visas, asylum requests, U.S.
naturalization, and deportation topics over the next few conference calls.

You may also want to record your immigration attorney conference calls between you and
your clients. Knowing that the call is being recorded frees you from taking detailed notes
because you can later have the call transcribed or you can go back and listen after the fact.

Where other attorney conferencing service providers charge more for recordings, we include
unlimited conference call recordings. Moreover, you pay only for the minutes you use with no
contracts and no obligation whatsoever. We use the best telecommunications networks
available for crisp, crystal clear audio. Our immigration attorney conference calling service is
built specifically for law firms.

You can even enter client matter billing codes so that every conference call you hold is
attributed to the correct client or department.
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