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Using Attorney Conference Calls for Discovery

With the rise of e-discovery and various tools to facilitate electronic discovery, using
attorney conference calls during the discovery process may not be on your radar. Yet, you
still need to communicate with your legal team, investigators, clients, staff, co-counsel,
opposing counsel, and other parties. Hosting your own attorney conference calls as part of
the discovery process can help ensure that nothing is left to chance. Use the tips below to
incorporate conference calls into your discovery process.

•  Use web conferencing tools to train others how to use your e-discovery software. Seeing
the software demonstrated and hearing your instructions is a good way to conduct training,
especially if you're working with remote workers. You can schedule a quick attorney web
conference call to provide an overview or show users how to perform a specific task as

•  Host a conference call with the court's discovery commissioner, officer, or clerk. If there
are any disputes related to the discovery process, it may be necessary to hold a conference
call to resolve them. As with most attorney conference calls involving officers of the court,
protocol suggest that all parties be on the line prior to manually dialing and joining the court
participant to your conference call.

•  Host regular attorney conference calls to make plan and implement your e-discovery
strategy. Keep everyone updated, answer questions, provide guidance and more in regular
group audio calls. These attorney conference calls don't need to be long or involved. Think of
them as a quick status meeting.

•  Host an attorney conference call with opposing counsel and their staff members to clarify
any requirements. Again, short and sweet attorney conference calls can help ensure that you
have the opportunity to clarify the process or requirements.

•  Host attorney conference calls or web conferences with technical teams. Need help
understanding an electronic format, extracting data, or launching a computer assisted
review? Your technical team can quickly guide you, but they could be located offsite.
Schedule a quick conference call or web conference and get the clarity you need. For
example, with a web conference and screen sharing, one of your IT techs could quickly show
you how to generate a report or launch an analysis.
In general, when you need to communicate with a group, and the other parties are not in the
same building, attorney conference calls are a convenient choice - whether related to the
discovery process or not.

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Using Attorney Conference Calls for Discovery
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