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The Importance of Having an Attorney

Present for Critical Business Conference


As a business attorney, you likely already know how
important your presence is to your clients.

However, your clients may need to be educated on how to include you in important business
conference calls. They need to know that whether negotiating a contract or entering into
M&A talks, your presence during the conference call is time and money well spent.

Use the tips below to educate your clients about business conference calls and when it’s
important to bring you into the call.

•  Discuss your services, letting your clients know that you are available to join their most
important conference calls. When a client first engages you, you have the opportunity to
discuss various services and communications options. Make sure to address your
conference call availability.

•  Offer to host sensitive audio and web conferences. If you use an attorney conferencing
service such as Client Matter Conference, you may also want to offer to host sensitive
conference calls. With such as service, not only would you be present to provide legal advice,
you could coordinate the call using your secure audio and web conferencing service. Hosting
the attorney conference call yourself provides you with greater control. For example, you
could instantly record the conference call for your records. Plus, billing your client is easy to
thanks to special client matter billing code fields.

Likewise, you could present attorney conference calls as an alternative to a physical
meeting. For example, if your client calls asking you to join them at their main office for a
discussion, you could suggest hosting a group audio call or web conference. This alternative
could save everyone involved a few extra hours in travel time while delivering the same
expected outcome.

•  Use your blog or newsletter to answer the question: “When should an attorney attend
business conference calls?” Your answer will likely depend on your practice area. However,
you could broadly discuss the topic by saying clients can count on you to join a conference
call any time legal advice may be needed. Obvious cases include conference calls related to
a lawsuit, deposition, mediation, or litigation.

Other types of attorney conference calls you might mention include: mergers and
acquisitions talks, contract negotiations, labor disputes, intellectual property matters,
meetings involving discrimination or sexual harassment allegations, meetings involving
environmental issues, and any meeting where the client anticipates needing legal guidance.

•  When is joining or moderating a business conference call overkill? You’ll also want to
educate your clients about situations that they can easily handle without your presence.
After all, you probably don’t have time to spare to attend to routine business conference calls
such as sales meetings, job interviews, sales pitches, or small contract negotiations for
occasional purchases such as office supplies. Meanwhile, your clients probably don’t have
the budget to pay for your services when they’re not really needed.

Finally, it’s important that your clients know that they can count on you to join a conference
call as needed. It’s also important that they feel comfortable asking for assistance. You
don’t want them saying, “Oh, we don’t want to bother him,” or “She’s probably too busy.”

By educating your clients that you do, in fact, offer attorney conference calls as part of your
service, they’ll be more inclined to invite you. Keep reminding them that you’re readily
available to be a part of their most sensitive conference calls.
Attorney Presence for Critical Business Conference Calls
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