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Attorney Conference Calls Case Studies

One of our conferencing clients invited their own attorney to attend a conference call
because they wanted legal counsel to be on the call.

The attorney liked the overall clarity of the call.  He also appreciated the ability for the
moderator to dial out to a missing party so the conference call could begin.

His law firm then signed up for our service after attending the other law firm's call.

During a web conference to familiarize him with the features of our self-help website, he
discovered the ability to track costs using his firms own Client Matter billing codes for each
case.  He said his firms time savings with client billing would be significant.

This law firm has four locations and the other locations starting using after their first location invited them to a conference call.  In
other words one office referred the other.

A 15+ person law firm in a major US city that specializes in helping distressed companies
turn around their businesses uses our service.  They have been with us for over ten years and
have grown their usage every year because they add new cases, partners and associates.

There are always distressed companies requiring their help in good and bad times.  They have
many cases and consequently must account for all of the time spent on the calls and apply
that time to each attorney, case number and matter.

The service enables for easy client and matter tracking.

A very small law firm has a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as a client.

The REIT is holding conference calls many times a month to raise capital for new projects.

The lawyer is requested to be on every call to answer any legal questions that arise.

The Client Matter Billing features allow the law firm to easily document the purpose of each
conference call and to track costs automatically.
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