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Building Your Case with Attorney Conference Calls

Can attorney conference calls play a role in your case-
building process? While much of your time will be spent
conducting researcher and reviewing evidence, some of your
time will be spent collaborating with others.

With an affordable audio conferencing service always at your fingertips, you can hold
attorney conference calls with expert witnesses, legal scholars, private investigators, co-
counsel, and others at a moment’s notice.

Use the tips below to incorporate attorney conference calls in your case-building strategies.

•  Use a reliable, secure, and user-friendly audio conferencing service - The easier it is to use,
the more you’ll likely be to utilize it. Our attorney conferencing service is ideal for law firms of
all sizes and includes all of the features your firm needs to communicate effectively and keep
track of billable hours.

•  Consider the logistics of meeting in person against meeting in a conference call - In some
cases, a face-to-face meeting will make the most sense. In others, doing so would involve
some inconvenience to one or more parties.

Think about whether you need to be physically present or if a group audio conference would
suffice. For example, your team may need to see an accident scene in person to gain a deeper
understanding of what transpired, but you could chat with the insurance investigators and
witnesses in a group audio call.
Likewise, visiting a law library may be necessary, but you might be able to do some fact-
finding or initial research over the phone. Your paralegal may be able to do some groundwork
on the phone initially and then join you into a conference call once the appropriate resources
have been contacted.

•  Use the audio recording feature to record your attorney conference calls - It’s always smart
to record your conference calls as doing so enables you to review what was said after the
fact. Where other conferencing services charge extra for audio recordings, our legal
conference calling service includes an unlimited amount of recordings.

•  Run your case by your partners, associates, or a focus group in an attorney conference call
- Once you have the basics in place, run it by others whose opinions you value in a group
conference call. Again, record your presentation as it will be helpful to review and fine-tune it

This is an easy way to get feedback because everyone can come together in a shared audio
call. There’s no need for anyone to travel. Plus, if you have an audio recording, you can share it
with participants who were unable to attend the conference call live.

These are but a few of the many ways that attorney conference calls can help you build your
case. Sign up for a contract-free attorney conferencing service and find out just how easy it is
to host your own conference calls from any phone, any time.
Building Your Case with Attorney Conference Calls
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